Our connectivity is comprised of multiple redundant Tier 1 back-bone providers. With the help of Global Crossing and Cogent we currently have 8Gbps bandwidth capacity. Simply put, we have an enormous connection directly to the internet and the ability to serve any internet need one could dream up.


n+1 Diesel Generators, UPS, Battery Backup and DC power to provide conditioned power to the IP floor. Our redundant Cisco and Foundry routers utilize BGP4 protocol to provide redundant service through our multiple providers. All of our shared servers utilize RAID for maximum data availability. All shared solutions are backed up daily through an off site backup system.


Network security is a priority and includes but is not limited to the following: Redundant firewalls that stop most attacks before they start. Each of our servers are loaded with an early warning intrusion detection system that is automatically updated each time a new security flaw is discovered worldwide. Physical security is also of the utmost importance to our network. We have in place many of the latest security measures, including: fire detection and suppression, 24/7 armed guards and closed circuit cameras monitoring every square foot of our facility.

Network Datacenter

  • 10,000 square feet available in bakers racks, cabinets , private suites, and cages
  • Power: 200 watts per square foot, 1.8 megawatts, feeds from multiple energy grids, 60 minutes UPS battery time at peak load
  • Security: Customer 24x7 access, 24x7 security personnel, key card/keypad access
  • Entrance: Two diverse fiber entry points
  • HVAC: 70F Air temperature
  • Fire Suppression: FM200
  • Roof Rights: 35 floor building Antenna space available